Saturday, April 19, 2008

Life happens

A week or two ago I was tagged by MelissaKate (who, by the way, has Willy Nelson on her blog this week), and I'd like to follow the rules and share seven random facts about myself, but I've done it a few times already. No one cares that much. So instead, I'm going to share three weird or annoying things that happened to me recently. In no particular order:
  • My son found a mouse in the basement yesterday, which is no surprise since the kids leave food down there all the time. He took care of it; I won't go into details. Ewww.
  • Some fun-loving teenagers heaved a huge rock from our garden through the back windshield of our car last week. Little pebbly shards of green glass everywhere. We're still cleaning up.
  • My dog has epilepsy. She's had occasional seizures over the past year but had a big one this week, so the vet finally put her on meds, and she seems much better.
I'm sure everyone has a similar litany of gripes and distractions. But tonight I'm going to be a bartender at a fund-raiser for a friend who has cancer (pretty bad cancer) and no insurance. What is wrong with this damn country that people who are dealing with a life-threatening illness need to put their pictures in the newspaper and rely on friends and strangers for money? Anyway, it puts all these little things in perspective.

Peace out.


High Desert Diva said...

Mix up some wicked drinks tonight...make 'em empty their wallets!

Auto glass is a pain in the butt to clean up. I was in a car accident years ago, and somehow the glass got inside the lining of my jacket. Literally...everywhere.

missfire said...

Life does indeed happen. Even to the best of us. Have fun tonight!

Anonymous said...

I received an online order once with a dead mouse in the bottom of the box. That was not pleasant!
I hope the fundraiser went well. I agree with your sentiments.