Monday, May 19, 2008

Bird fetish

"Do you have birds?" the woman asked me. I don't, but I was purchasing six vintage bird postcards from her, so I could see why she'd ask. In fairness, I also bought a polar bear, a beach, and a couple of wild futuristic air ships, but for some reason the birds were what attracted me most (many were set in Florida--maybe I just need a vacation).

These are a few of my favorites. The top one, a barn swallow, is from 1910 and was illustrated by the popular and prolific Ellen Nash. The two that follow are colorful linen postcards published by Curteich in 1948 (bird lady) and 1940 (flamingos).

Makes me want to get my binoculars and a ticket south.


High Desert Diva said...

Love 'em

brookeahanadaily said...

We have similar interests! I found you through High Desert Desert Diva - who is so lovely!

Such pretty images - I'm loving the flamingos - which reminds meto tell you to check my blog over the next week!

Connie a.k.a The Tiny Fig said...

They're beautiful!

Sarah McBride said...

oh I love those! I love the flamingoes too! lucky!