Thursday, March 6, 2008

Two months at Etsy

Today is my second month anniversary since I opened shop at Etsy, trying to sell my humble little buttons—two months marked by fun and frustration in equal measure.

It’s also now roughly 3 months since I had the, uh, genius idea that maybe I could make money as an artisan (since it’s even tougher for a fiction writer, and I’m so bored with editing I could eat my keyboard).

Here’s what else I’ve done over the past two months:

  • Started a blog (duh) and started figuring out ways to make it successful
  • Been inspired by some amazingly talented artists
  • Spent way too much time in the forums, chatting, learning, promoting, and also eavesdropping on hilarious, revealing, and frankly snarky conversations
  • Tried not to whine
  • Won a writing contest on an Etsy artist's blog
  • Was featured on another Etsy artist's blog
  • Wrote the words “cute” and “sweet” more times than in the past ten years combined
  • Created a new emoticon, for mooning: ( )( )
  • Created a male version of that emoticon (you figure it out)
  • Found out there are lots of Alice in Wonderland fans out there
  • Learned a lot more about all things vintage by hanging out with the cool folks at Etsy Vintage Buyer and Seller Community and the Vintage Street Team
  • Bought a red pleather toilet kit with a Shriner’s logo for my husband
  • Bought more buttons (sure, I needed them)
  • Felt very old and mature at times, at other times like I was back in junior high hoping the cool kids would like me
  • Neglected my real (i.e., paying) work
  • Neglected the house
  • Forgot to eat (the most amazing feat of all)
  • Stayed up late to snag a treasury; made it to the front page once
  • Decided that drinking and talking in the forums, late on a Friday night, isn’t always in one’s best interests
  • Killed more than one thread
  • Sold more jewelry to my mother-in-law than anyone else
  • Learned that wtf just about sums it all up


Nnairda's said...

LOL! "Wrote the words cute and sweet..." I know how you feel. Nice blog-- keep up the good work! I'm a newbie at Etsy too.


Callooh Callay said...

Thanks, nnairda. Love your blog too!

Cheerup Cherup said...

i think my mother-in-law has bought more things in my shop than anyone else, too!

~Stella said...

It's been a good three months. I discovered your blog in the past three months so yeah, it's been good. And I see that you are a fiction writer which is probably why I can always count on your blog for a good read.

So...I'm tagging you, if you want to play.
tag, you're it


Callooh Callay said...

Thanks, Stella. So kind of you (she said through gritted teeth). I'll see what I can come up with!

Purty Girl Designs said...

love the buttons!! keep it up.. it will come! they are fabulous!

Helen said...

Too funny :) Love reading your blog.

Caroline said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! I'm pretty sure I've also used the words "cute" and "sweet" much more since joining Etsy... also, "beautiful" and "lovely."

The Scenic Route said...

Love your perspective on it all. Honesty can be such a flattering trait!

moesewco said...

Well I can definitely assure you that you'll be selling some more buttons to a certain milliner I know.

I may start competing with your mother-in-law!

Callooh Callay said...

Thanks everyone, for your responses. It's been a fun ride!

Emily, so nice of you to say. Have you seen the praise for your hat on this blog! It is so stunning.